Catalunya en Comú-Podem

This is a coalition party which brings together Podem (the Catalan branch of Podemos) and Catalunya en Comú, which is Barcelona mayor Ada Colau’s coalition party. It also includes Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verds (ICV), the continuation party of the former Catalan communists PSUC. During the 2015-017 parliamentary period they went under the name Catalunya Sí Que Es Pot (CSQP).

They stand for a strong social anti-neoliberal agenda. They are in favour of an agreed referendum on independence. Up to recently they had not held a clear position on independence as such, but now seem to lean increasingly clearly against it. They were in favour of the referendum on 1 October, but did not consider it a binding referendum and described it as a “mobilisation”. They have been highly critical of article 155, and the judicialisation of the political conflict by the Spanish state, but are also critical of unilateral strategies by the independence movement. Their candidate to preside the Catalan government in the December 2017 elections is Xavier Domènech, who has been the leader of the Catalan partner of the Podemos coalition in the Spanish parliament since 2016.

Xavi Domènech, leader of CeC-Podem
Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau
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