Ciutadans is the Catalan branch of Ciudadanos. This is a party which was first launched in Catalonia in 2006 and only later spread to the rest of Spain. Its original agenda was centrist/liberal but opposed to Catalan nationalism. After the 2014 electoral disruption of Podemos in Spain, it was promoted by the mainstream media and corporate sectors to become a key party across Spain that would capture young liberal voters reluctant to vote for the PP or PSOE. In the September 2015 elections in Catalonia it became the main opposition party, winning 17% of the vote and 25 seats in parliament. in Catalonia C’s is led by Inés Arrimadas, while their former leader in Catalonia, Albert Rivera, has gone on to lead the party on a Spain-wide level and provide key parliamentary support for Mariano Rajoy through C’s 32 seats in the Spanish parliament. Over time Ciutadans anti-Catalan nationalist discourse has become increasingly harsh. They have been very supportive of the application of article 155 following the independence referendum. Their main support base in Catalonia is concentrated in the industrial towns in the southern part of the Barcelona metropolitan area, where the population is mainly of Spanish immigrant origin. Yes, orange is their colour.

Inés Arrimadas leads Ciutadans in Catalonia
Albert Rivera led Ciutadans in Catalonia from 2006 to 2015, and now leads Ciudadanos on a Spain-wide level.


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