Candidatures d’Unitat Popular. This is a staunchly pro-independence, anti-capitalist, assembly-based formation. La CUP is a grassroots party which entered the Catalan Parliament for the first time in 2012. It has fiercely combatted CiU for their corruption, but has at the same time been favourable to cross-cutting alliances within the pro-independence camp. In 2015 CUP went on to win 8% of the vote and their support became necessary for the Junts X Sí coalition to form a government. They set as a condition that Artur Mas not be president again, due to his association to the neoliberal policies of previous CiU governments, and indirectly to their corruption. Puigdemont was the compromise solution. They take their main decisions through assemblies in which all their membership participates. They have a policy of non-professionalisation which leads to their members of parliament only holding seats for a single term. They are opposed to the EU which they deem a neoliberal undemocratic project.

Anna Gabriel was CUP spokesperson in the Catalan parliament from 2015 to 2017
Carles Riera is number one on CUP candidates list for December 2017 elections
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