Junts per Catalunya/ PDeCAT

Stands for Catalan European Democratic Party

Junts per Catalunya translates as “Together for Catalonia”. This is the electoral candidacy that has been created by President Puigdemont to run for the 21 December 2017 elections. It draws mainly from PDeCat, the heir (albeit turned independentist) party to Convergència, which in turn was the dominant component of CiU, the centre-right Catalan nationalist party that dominated Catalan politics from 1970 to 2015. Junts per Catalunya integrates a number of non-party figures as candidates likely to sit in the next Catalan parliament. One of them is Jordi Sánchez, president of Asamblea Nacional de Catalunya (currently in prison on charges of sedition), and who is now running on the number 2 spot for Barcelona. Another is the director of RAC 1, the most popular radio station in Catalonia. Among the top positions on the electoral list are a number of ousted ministers from Puigdemont’s government.


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