Policy on references, sources and accuracy

At Democracy in Catalonia we do not generally provide references and links to all the factual sources from which we draw the information on which we base our articles. We are, however, confident about the factual accuracy of what we publish.

Our sources of information are both online and offline. Regarding online sources, we are especially grateful to contributors and editors at wikipedia.org, in Spanish, Catalan and English editions, from which we draw a lot of our contents. English speakers who fact check our contents against wikipedia or Britannica.com will not find discrepancies between our contents and theirs. For statements of fact regarding contemporary Catalan and Spanish politics we often draw from articles published in ara.cat, elnacional.cat, lavanguardia.es, publico.es, eldiario.es, infolibre.es, among many others.

Regarding offline sources, we draw contents from many books. We owe, however, a special mention to Ricardo Romero de Tejada and his lucid information-rich analysis contained in “Por qué hemos llegado hasta aquí. Geopolítica y política de la cuestión catalana,” Tiempos de Espera, 2017, which is the handiest of assistants for navigating the legal, political and historical waters of the current Catalan predicament.