Spanish Nationalists show their anger and passion

    In recent times, particularly since the days leading up to the 1 October referendum, there has been a resurgence of Spanish nationalism which has brought with it a certain normalisation of fascist behaviour in the public sphere. Fascism in Spain never suffered the sort of historic defeat that it met in the rest of Europe at the end of WWII, and unfortunately Spanish nationalism lacks the kind democratic elements that lie at the core of national identity in many countries. Spanish nationalism has historically been a break on democratic/progressive politics. Some of the incidents we see in the video took place at the end of large demonstrations calling for Spanish unity, in which most participants did not display fascist symbols and behaviour. Pro-Spanish unity political organisations, and these include the Popular Party, the Socialist Party and Ciudadanos are, however, happy to participate in demonstrations along with openly fascist organisations and those exhibiting these behaviours. They generally chose not to condemn such behaviours.


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