Week 12-18 November

Weekly headlines

Monday 12 November

  • Mas, Ortega, Rigau and Homs, sentenced to pay 4.9 million € for the unofficial independence referendum of the 9 November 2014, a precursor of last year’s referendum.
  • Pro-independence Catalan party JxCat creates committee to investigate the irregular activities of the Spanish monarchy.
  • The conservative magistrate Marchena will leave the presidency of the tribunal that will judge pro-independence Catalan politicians.
  • Marchena will preside the CGPJ, the body that arbitrates the Spanish judicial system.
  • Andrés Martínez Arrieta will take the place of Marchena in the Catalan independence trial.

Tuesday 13 November

  • Carles Puigdemont offers himself as 2nd in the list to Oriol Junqueras for the European Parliament elections in a hypothetical united list of pro-independence parties.
  • Reports that Spanish PM Sánchez will offer Catalonia a new statute within the existing autonomic framework.

Wednesday 14 November

  • Arran activists throw yellow paint on judge Llarena’s house front door in Sant Cugat. This triggers comparisons across Spanish media outlets with Nazi Germany.

Thursday 15 November

  • Catalan President Torra suggests “a democratic front” of catalans, basques and galicians in Europe.

Friday 16 November

  • The Spanish right wing party PP will control “from behind” the Supremo court room of the 1-Oct referendum trial, says the party whip in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, in a leaked WhatsApp communication to party senators.
  • The Supremo rejects again to grant freedom for Joaquim Forn.

Saturday 17 November

  • Pablo Casado, the leader of Spanish right wing party PP, calls for the illegalisation of pro-independence youth group Arran due to the throwing of yellow paint incident outside magistrate Llarena’s flat.


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