Week 13-19 November

  • 13 November. Spanish government informs EU partners about “Russian meddling” in Catalan crisis.

  • 15 November. Barcelona town hall to use yellow lighting in fountains and public buildings to request release of political prisoners.

  • 16 November. Jailed ANC (Catalan National Assembly) leader, Jordi Cruixart, to run on Puigdemont’s list for Catalan elections called by Rajoy for 21 December. There shall be separate electoral formations by the two main parties making up the JuntspelSí (former government and parliamentary majority), ERC and PDeCat (Puigemont’s party). Puigdemont will lead a candidacy integrating civil society leaders while ERC, whose leader and deposed Catalan vicepresiden, Oriol Junqueras, is in provisional detention pending charges of rebellion, will run under its traditional name.

  • 17 November. Marta Rovira, new leader of ERC (as Junqueras in prison) reports on threats of use of violence by Spanish government on days leading up to declaration of independence on 27 September.

  • 18 November. Spanish chief state prosecutor, Jose Manuel Maza, dies unexpectedly of kidney infection while on trip to Buenos Aires. Maza had led the judicial offensive against the Catalan independence movement and in recent days had been said to be going further than the government desired. He had been in the job for a year.



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