Week 18-24 December

  • 21 December Elections are held in Catalonia. Extremely high turn-out (82%) yields results that are not very different from those of 2015. Pro-independence parties obtain 47.5%, anti-independence parties 43.5%, and CeC who do not hold a strong position on independence 7.5%. More detail on election results here.
  • 21 December. Report requested from Civil Guard by Judge Llarena (in charge of instructing case against former Catalan ministers and social leaders) now includes peaceful mass demonstrations held on Catalan national day since 2013 to be part of sedition and rebellion case.
  • 22 December. Following electoral victory Puigdemont requests meeting with Rajoy from Brussels. Rajoy refuses within two hours.
  • 24 December. King Felipe Christmas address with softer tone towards Catalonia.


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