Week 19 – 27 November

Monday 19

  • Images have been emerging of Femen activists kicked, punched and groped when demonstrating against a far right march in Madrid yesterday organised by Falange, a fascist organisation, to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Franco.

Tuesday 20

  • The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg rules against the Spanish courts for violating the right to freedom of expression of an activist from Sevilla, who accused two police officers of torture after excessive use of force was allegedly used against him.
  • Conservative magistrate Marchena declines taking the post of head of the CGPJ, the judiciary arbiter, in the light of the comments made by Ignacio Cosidó, the Spanish right wing PP lower chamber whip.
  • The agreement between the two larger Spanish parties, PP and PSOE to renew the membership of the arbiter of the judiciary (the CGPJ) falls apart due to Marchena’s refusal.
  • Pro-independence parties request the removal of Marchena from taking part in the trial of Catalan politicians.
  • Spanish PM Sánchez admits that the current parliament’s lifetime will have to be shortened if the budget cannot be approved.
  • The Guardia Civil searches the Catalan Competition Authority and several companies in relation to the 3% court case investigation, which deals with the alleged irregular financing of Catalan party CiU.

Wednesday 21

  • The Spanish Policía Nacional deny that Roger Español was injured by a Police rubber bullet. Roger Español lost an eye in the police charges of the independence referendum. Footage of the incident is widely available on the web.
  • Pro-independence Catalan politician expelled from the debating chamber for calling the Spanish foreign minister, Josep Borrell, “hooligan”. Borrell has referred to the pro-independence movement as “an infection” and is member of the organisation Sociedad Civil Catalana, which amalgamates, among others, far right unionist organisations.

Thursday 22

  • Lawyer of the State Advocacy that supported the accusation of rebellion dismissed.
  • Alfred Bosch, of ERC, named Catalan government’s exterior minister.

Friday 23

  • The Spanish Treasury estimates that public payments for the 1-Oct referendum did not exceed 200.000 €, the legal threshold for the charge of misuse of public funds.

Saturday 24

  • There will be no meeting between Sánchez and Torra in the cabinet meeting that is scheduled to take place soon in Barcelona. Torra had requested this meeting.
  • A survey by a Spanish organisation (Instituto Elcano) finds that Europeans see Spain as authoritarian in its dealings with Catalonia.


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