Week 22-28 January

  • 23 January. Puigdemont travels to Denmark. Spanish state prosecutor request for reactivation of European arrest warrant rejected by Supreme Court on grounds that arrest would facilitate his “remote” swearing in as President.

  • 24 January. Intense searches at the French border in case Puigdemont should sneak back into Spain continue.

  • 25 January. King speaks at Davos WEF blaming independentists for “undermining democracy”.

  • 25 January. Government requests Council of State advisory opinion on appeal to Constitutional Court to disqualify Puigdemont from investiture on grounds that his mobility is jeopardised. Council of State does not support government. Government sends appeal to Constitutional Court anyway

  • 26 January. Court responds by ruling that there can be no remote investiture and that for a presencial one, Puigdemont would require permission from Supreme Court judge.


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