Week 22-28 October 2018

Monday 22 October: Pablo Llarena, the Tribunal Supremo judge in charge of the instruction, and responsible for the cautionary imprisonment of Catalan elected politicians and civil society leaders for over a year, saw himself accused of tampering with the archive numbers of the files before the case was allocated. This would have compromised the system that guarantees a fair and unbiased allocation of cases.

Also on Mondaydetails about the constitution of a Consell de la República (Council of the Republic) abroad have emerged. It has been defined as “a tool of the [Catalan] government abroad that will help, amongst other roles, to internationalise the independence movement”. It will also provide direction to the Catalan Government from the Government in exile. The two leading pro-independence parties were present in the constitution of this body, but the third party in the pro-independence block, CUP, did not attend, as it considers this new body compliant with impositions by the Spanish State at home.

Tuesday 23 October: We learnt about a reform of language policy in Catalan schools, making Chinese and Arab optional subjects in secondary school in order to reflect and incorporate the diversity of Catalan society. Catalan remains the main language in education, with provision of Spanish already in place.

Thursday 25 October: The instruction of the case against 18 Catalan elected politicians and civil society leaders for the referendum of 1 October 2017 has been closed. The trial is expected to start in January, with preliminary hearings expected before Christmas.


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