Week 3-10 December

  • 3 December. 10,000 musicians gather in concert to demand release of political prisoners.

  • 4 December. Supreme Court judge Llarena, who is now in charge of all Catalan government cases, releases 6 ousted Catalan ministers but keeps 2 in jail, including VicePresident Junqueras, who is leading candidate for ERC in upcoming elections, and Interior Minister Forn. Social leaders Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez accused of sedition are also kept in custody on grounds that they could be responsible for a “violent explosion” if released.

  • 5 December. Judge Llarena withdraws European Detention Warrant and International Detention Order for Puigdemont and 4 Catalan ministers currently in Brussels before Belgian courts took a decision on extradition on 14 December. Foreseeably extradition would not have been granted on main charges of rebellion and sedition, and only possibly for lesser crime of misappropriation. Spanish judge thus preventing an international defeat for Spanish judiciary and subsequent limitation on trial conditions in Spain. Arrest warrant within Spain, however, remains.

  • 7 December. 45,000 demonstrate in Brussels calling for Europe to Wake Up, and demanding release of political prisoners. Most protesters have travelled from Catalonia for the occasion, taking advantage of a public holiday.


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