Week 30 October-5 November

  • 30 October. State prosecutor presents charges of rebellion (up to 30 years), sedition, embezzlement, disobedience and prevarication against members of deposed government and Catalan parliament bureau.

  • 30 October. Puigdemont and four of his ousted ministers hold press conference in Brussels.

  • 2 November. Four ministers who did not travel to Brussels questioned in court in Madrid and put in preventive custody under charges of rebellion (up to 30 years), sedition, embezzlement, prevarication and disobedience.

  • 3 November. Constitutional Court rejects Catalan government appeal against application of Article 155.

  • 3 November. Judge Lamela issues European arrest warrant for Puigdemont and four deposed ministers who are in Brussels.

  • 5 November. Puigdemont and ministers questioned by Belgian prosecutor in Brussels. They are released pending hearings to determine whether extradition to Spain will follow.


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