Week 5 – 11 November

Monday 5 November:

  • Nine MEPs will request to be observers of the Spanish trial of Catalan politicians for their involvement in the 1st October 2017 referendum.

Tuesday 6 November:

  • Strasbourg reprimands Spain for not guaranteeing a fair judgement for Basque politician Arnaldo Otegi. He was imprisoned for 6 and a half years as a result of the sentence.
  • The Spanish Tribunal Supremo rejects Cuixart’s request to expel far right party Vox from the prosecution of Catalan politicians.

Wednesday 7 November:

  • Catalan President Torra announces in the Catalan parliament the withdrawal of support for the Spanish government of Pedro Sánchez.
  • The Audiencia Nacional drops the investigation of two pro-independence grassroot activists accused of terrorism and rebellion, Tamara Carrasco and Adrià Carrasco.
  • Man arrested for plotting to shoot Spanish PM. Reports of 16 fire arms being found in his house. The motivation is reported to be a revenge against the planned exhumation of dictator Franco’s remains. He will not face terrorism charges.

Friday 8 November:

  • Marta Rovira, de-facto head of list for ERC in the 21 December Catalan elections in the absence of imprisoned ERC leader Oriol Junqueras, and who had to take exile in Switzerland as she faced imprisonment in Spain due to her role in the Catalan independence referendum, rules out to be second in the list to Oriol Junqueras in the next European Parliament elections.
  • The Tribunal Supremo decides that the Catalan government is now responsible for the support of refugees, a duty that the Spanish state appealed on the Supremo to keep.
  • The Spanish Foreign Office condemns the opening of six new delegations of the Catalan government abroad.
  • The Spanish government is planning to revoke the education law (Llei Wert or LOMCE) that gave centralised control to the Spanish state over the use of co-official languages and made religion an assessed subject. This will allow the devolved Catalan government to decide on 45% of the curriculum in Catalan state schools.

Saturday 9 November:

  • Danish MPs visit Forcadell, Cuixart and Romeva, and condemn a “political trial”.


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